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Activities in JCC Exhibition, Indonesia

Activities in JCC Exhibition, Indonesia



For the exhibition at Jakarta Convention Center on March 29th  ~ March 31th, we are grateful to many VIPs who are full of praise for the leading-edge technology of TreatU Potential Oxygen System.

(VIP: Special Assistant of Vice President, H.M. Alwi Hamu)


(VIP: Marketing Master, Hermawan Kartajaya, co-author of "Marketing 4.0" )

Treat You Medical Technology (abbr. as TreatU) creates a big breakthrough in oxygen technology for human body. TreatU has successfully overcome the last mile of oxygen delivery in the body, and can enable true health without any medicines for everyone all over the world.

We appreciate you are interested in our potential oxygen system, which can help you to precisely detect oxygen deficiency and totally eradicate oxygen deficiency in your body. This big breakthrough in oxygen technology is used not only to save lives in Taiwan, also lives in Indonesia and all over the world.

Hope your join to create a truly healthy way without medicines for humanity.


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