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Company Profile

Treat You Medical Technology (TreatU ) was founded in 2004. Excellent team was from professors and PhDs of Taiwan University, Tsing Hua University, Chiao Tung University, IC design house, and Hi-tech industries. Team members devoted themselves to studying the benefits of oxygen and how to utilize oxygen to help improve the health of human being.

TreatU Staff strongly believe the excellent value of oxygen. Because oxygen can save cells of human, solving problem of oxygen deficit can cure human diseases.  Especially in the process of researching they found out that global experts in using oxygen can barely understand oxygen real function. Therefore the oxygen devices they design have so many mistakes. For example, large volume O3 will be produced due to high oxygen concentration and then harm the human body and continuous oxygen supply system causes the difficulties of exhaling of toxic gas.  Most equips of oxygen in the hospital and medical shop can just offer oxygen without systematically orchestrating with human bio-system.

Since other researchers and engineers do not really know oxygen, they do not have capability to design a good oxygen product. The unknown is that they do not know how to integrate and interact with human bio-chemical system.  TreatU insists on fundamental research with enormous R&D spending for more than 10 years, the crucial points was found that matching oxygen frequency and balancing potential inside the body can effectively improve oxygen delivery and get benefits for health.  This great achievement will absolutely rock the medical technology field and this innovation will change the concept of Medicare and healthcare industry.  Today TreatU ‘s R&D team have launched products on the fields of Medicare, healthcare, beauty and hospitality. Also many innovative products will be introduced to the markets in the near future. The team of TreatU believes the grand road without medicine will be coming soon. Human being can really enjoy their healthy life finally.