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1. Tyson Bioresearch Inc.

Tyson Bioresearch Inc. is one of the most prestigious, innovative, and customer-oriented healthcare product providers in Taiwan. Tyson designs and manufactures high quality Blood Glucose Monitoring System (BGMS) and other medical grade devices.  Tyson Bioresearch Inc. is one of TreatUMedical’s relative companies and also is the contracted manufacturer of TreatUmedical.

2. CMUH (China Medical University's Hospital)

CMUH (China Medical University's Hospital) was opened in 1980 as the country’s fourth teaching hospital, and its mission was to provide care for all those in need—whether elderly, ill, disabled, or orphaned. Today, this mission continues. The CMUH has international reputation, attracting thousands of people from around the region and across the world to Taiwan to receive care from world-renowned physicians in state-of-the-art medical facilities. CMUH is committed to providing excellent medical services, clinical education and research, and the modernization of Chinese Medicine. TreatUmedical began clinical research with sleep center of CMUH since 2016. Now the research has moved to second stage for sleep apnea.