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  • Potential Oxygen System

    People may get sick due to oxygen deficit but it does not mean they will be healthy just inhaling more oxygen. Current oxygen generators in the market are very easy to produce ozone (O3) that harms respiration tract and alveolus. In addition, without systematically tuning and balancing potential difference of body, oxygen concentration equips can not deliver oxygen to the parts with serious lacking oxygen. TreatU’s potential oxygen system holds core innovative technology of overturning Medicare and healthcare industry. It not only can detect the parts of lacking oxygen but also enhance body circulation and save endangered cells.

  • Acid and Alkaline Channel in Human Body

    Human Body is a complicated and sophisticated bioelectric system. Mouth to stomach is the positive/acidic channel and nose to lungs is negative/alkaline channel. The reason why people get acidized is because eat so much and consume more oxygen but do not inhale extra oxygen into the body. Accordingly, Human body turned to acidification due to lacking oxygen. Using mouth frequently will create diseases which only can utilize nose to solve them. Please look at few examples as below.

    1. Any foods stay more than 10 minutes in the mouth, the mouth will turn to sour.
    2. Any vomiting food is sour and stinky because of strong acid of stomach.
    3. Neck or muscular soreness can be eased after inhaling oxygen to the ached parts.

  • Energy Source of Humans

    All biochemical reactions of the body need to rely on ATP ( adenosine triphosphate, the energy base of cells) to boost. Oxygen can directly drive the power line (electron transport chains) to create ATP. If the body is in the state of oxygen deficit, the body can not produce enough ATP to support complicated biochemical reactions and then cause weakness like low cell viability, lack of immunity and abnormal metabolism. In brief, oxygen is the sources of human power. When humans have enough power, humans are energetic. On the contrary, Humans feel tired and exhausted. If power is unstable, organs will get hurt. Furthermore, when power is shut down, organs will be failure and people turn to death.

Bring Health back to Human Being!

The main cause of getting sick is due to oxygen deficit and the key word of solving healthy problem for humans is “Oxygen”. The best value of oxygen to humans is when high quality oxygen systematically interacted with human body.

Orchestrating oxygen frequency and balancing potential of body is the most essential work to well deliver oxygen and maximize oxygen effect.

TreatU’s potential oxygen system is the greatest innovation of medical technology in the world because it not only break through the bottleneck of modern medical technology but also will overturn the Medicare and healthcare market. In the near future, TreatU absolutely will create a grand healthy road without medicine for human being and bring healthy life for people.