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  • Safe and Healthy oxygen (33%~55%)

    - Remove and filter toxic gas
    - Eliminate Ozone Hazard

    Ozone will be easier to be produced when oxygen concentration >50%, it causes inflammation in respiration tract or brittle alveolus: Especially if the oxygen source from hospital is a high pressure tank, high volume ozone will be generated.

  • Fine tune and match oxygen frequency of anoxic organ

    Due to abnormal potential difference at anoxic part, oxygen frequency of cell is shifted; more serious oxygen-deficient cause bigger frequency difference, therefore it will be even more difficult to deliver oxygen to anoxic cells.

    .The strength of this system is oxygen frequency can be auto tuned to match the parts of oxygen deficit instead of stimulate it. It is necessary step to avoid harming the affected parts.

    .Tuning oxygen frequency all the time and adjust systematically for all parts of human body.

    From oxygen of air, oxygen of ATP , oxygen of amino acids to oxygen of DNA/RNA, oxygen is the common denominator. Therefore match oxygen frequency is the fundamental works of energy transmission and body operation.

  • Oxygen with tuning and balancing potential difference

    Potential oxygen create potential difference (like power voltage, it can produce power and human cell can use it to transfer to ATP), potential oxygen can provide energy for cell bio-reaction. Anoxic cell means lacking potential difference, easier resulting in voltage sag and then bring an unstable, abnormal bio-reaction and even cause the death of cell.

    . By individual human potential control chip, employ regulating and rectification on bioelectricity of human and enhance many kinds of bio-chemical reaction.

    . Heating technology of human body can create the best circulation and the highest oxygen delivery capability.