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The base of collaboration within the organs of the body: healthy oxygen with tuned frequency

The base of collaboration within the organs of the body: healthy oxygen with tuned frequency

The structure of the human body is composed by amino acids, which have 4 major elements: oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, hydrogen; and oxygen is the biggest element with 16 atomic weights. It means that oxygen is the key role to synthesize amino acids and to construct the body. Oxygen is the organizer, Once lack oxygen, the structure of the body will fail to construct or construct in distortions, such as abnormal forms in DNA structure or the loss of elasticity in collagen.

Oxygen Elements in Amino Acid, ATP, DNA/RNA

[ Fig.1: Oxygen is the key element to synthesize amino acid, ATP, and DNA/RNA.]


Not surprisingly, oxygen element is not only the key element in the structure of an amino acid, also oxygen element acts as energy supplier and message mediator for the amino acid. The frequency of oxygen will regulate the working frequency of the amino acid, also dominate biological property and ability of biochemical reaction.

For the purpose of understanding the process of energy transmission in the body, a detailed look inside the mitochondrion is presented in Figure 2. The oxygen molecules from inhaling air will be delivered inside the mitochondrion, then pull electrons moving along the electron transport chain to build up proton gradient, and finally protons drive the ATP synthase to synthesize ATP. Energy from oxygen is converted into chemical form and stored in ATP for all biochemical reactions. Briefly speaking, oxygen is the energy carrier, and energy transmission is carried out by the working frequency of oxygen. (Note that message transmission is also a kind of energy transmission.)


           [Fig.2: Mitochondrion is the electricity generator of the body. Energy from oxygen is converted into ATP. ]

In summary, oxygen element is the key element of amino acid, and oxygen element is the common denominator of energy and message transmission in the body. The lack of oxygen cannot construct amino acids and proteins to form tissues and organs of the body. Furthermore, untuned oxygen frequency cannot transfer energy and message into amino acids for operating physiological functions. Therefore, it is necessary to have healthy oxygen to construct physical structure of the body. Meanwhile, tuning oxygen frequency within inhaling oxygen, ATP, amino acids, DNA/RNA, will orchestrates collaboration all over the body.


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