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Treat U Biophotons Resonant System

Treat U Biophotons Resonant System


Activated Cell Water to Voltage

Each biophoton carries within its own hexagonal six-pointed star formation, Accordingly, it could be concluded, that an increase in the quantity of biophotons in the water would directly result in a greater complexity of the hexagonal structural organization. The increase in active biophotons strengthens the hydrogen bonding which increases the capillarity effect.

Biophotonic technology‘s purpose is to transmit the spectrum of oscillations from a substance to a carrier that transmits the oscillations further to the human body. Every substance is defined by a field of electromagnetic energy with a specific oscillation pattern. The beneficial oscillation spectrum of biophoton is delivered to piezoelectric quartz. This quartz instantly transmits an oscillating spectrum to passing water. Biophotonic technology transforms "dead water" into vital energy water.


Body Healing is Cell Voltage Recovery

Cell low voltage will cause garbled characters, and there are normal cells in the inflamed area, so the chemical drugs used for inflammation will damage the normal cells in the inflamed cells, and the normal cells in the long-lasting inflammation will become diseased cells (because the voltage is getting lower and lower, garbled codes, permutations and combinations out of order).

The strongest advantage of Treat U Biophotons Resonant System is that it the application of photon frequency activates cells, restores the normal potential of cells.


Treat U Biophotons Resonant System Patents



Theory and Methods and Technology

Any organ of the body that operates with vibration depends on frequency to operate, and has a driving voltage, and it depends on frequency to operate metabolism. When the cell frequency changes (abnormal voltage), it is prone to inflammation and lesions. Normal cells, viruses, and harmful bacteria all rely on frequency to operate, but the difference is that normal cells, viruses, harmful bacteria, and cancer cells operate at different frequencies

1. The body is completely an automatic control system. After the cells are driven by a voltage, any organ in the body operates with vibration, which depends on the frequency. The photons are guided to reach the position of the diseased inflammatory cells, so that the diseased cells can return to normal voltage and frequency.
2. Photons convert cellular water into vital energy water in the body, so that the cells voltage returns to normal.
3. It promotes red blood cell oxygen to enter mitochondria to react to generate ATP energy and take out metabolic wastes in cells, thereby enhancing human immunity produces antibodies to fight and eliminate viruses.

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